K6 Media Group have been working with ground-breaking digital puppetry animation for over 20 years. We are recognised as leaders in the field and are partnered with Adobe to continue to push innovative development in the industry. We offer this service to help you produce quick, affordable animated content for television series’ or feature films, marketing stunts, social media material, interstitial content, promotional and advertising content and more.

Keep production costs lower, without a loss of production quality.

2D digital puppets are great for economical series creation (reboot classics, create original content with a retro or stylized feel.

Engaging and interactive real time experiences.

LIVE digitally animated puppets for audience interaction (show call-in, Facebook Live events,YouTube events, etc.)

Suits any visual style.

2D, 3D, photorealistic, claymation… you name it, we can build it as a digital puppet. We can create a puppet from your IP license ours!

Create original and creative promotional or interstitial content fast

Digital puppetry allows a faster turnaround than tradition animation. How does 1 minute of animation a day sound?


Li'l santa interview in live

li'l santa live puppetWhen Li’l Santa’s reindeer threatened to protest the Big Delivery on Christmas Eve, K6 Media Group’s digital puppet helped him team up with Greenpeace to save Canada’s endangered caribou.

catalina la caterina live puppet

Catalina la caterina liveFor Televisa’s Canal 5, K6 Media Group created an animated digital puppet of the loveliest skeleton in Mexico, Catalina la Catrina for the festival of Day of the Dead.