li'l santa live puppet

Greenpeace asked us to help them with their #SOSCARIBOU campaign, and we asked our friend Li’l Santa (we knew his reindeer would want to help their endangered cousins!) Brought to life with our digital puppetry technology, Li’l Santa sat down with YouTube influencer to talk milk, cookies and caribou.

You better watch out, we know Santa …


Catalina la caterina

Catalina la caterina liveFor Televisa’s Canal 5, K6 Media Group created an animated digital puppet of the loveliest skeleton in Mexico, Catalina la Catrina for the festival of Day of the Dead.

Li'l santa

Li'l santaThe festive adventures of Li’l Santa, a pint-sized eco-warrior with boundless energy and a big heart, and his friends at the North Pole.