Our Licences

K6 Media Group has been entrusted as guardians of these IP's.
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Based on the Canadian comic book, Biodome, tells the hilarious adventures of the diverse and colorful animals from different eco-systems around the world, unexpectedly co-habitating in an indoor zoo! 

Licence_Petit Père Noel

Li’l Santa

Based on the classic comic book by Thierry Robin and Lewis Trondheim, this charming animation is an eco-friendly, magical and fresh take on Santa. He’s pint-sized, generous and filled with boundless energy (most of the time)!

Licence_Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke is a gunslinger known as the “man who shoots faster than his shadow”, accompanied by his intelligent horse Jolly Jumper.


Little Spirou

Very proud of this new one in our catalog. You will see him appear in our various multimedia experiences.